Safeze Hand Sanitizer (pack of 5)


Hand sanitising gel with moisturizing emollients to help protect your hands during frequent use and more gentle on your skin.

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Tested against Covid19 and passed. Handy sized bottles mean it’s easy to carry on-the-go, keep in the car, handbag or pocket, so you’re never without it. A little goes a long way with these 50 ml bottles, which have a 5 year shelf life.


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Product Information

Contains ethanol and Isopropyl

Made in the UK

Features and Benefits

Contains emollients to help keep hands moisturized while keeping safely sanitised.

Tested against Covid 19 and passed, giving you reassurance and peace of mind that you can maintain personal hygiene wherever you are.

Handy-sized bottles mean it is easy to take with you anywhere and available in 5 packs so that you can keep in different locations e.g. bags, pockets and car, one less item to remember to pack each time you leave the house!

Usage Instructions

In case of eye contact ; Rinse with water

In case of skin contact ; Rinse with water

If swallowed; Rinse mouth. Get medical attention if symptoms occur

If inhaled ; Get medical attention if symptoms occur

Protection of first aiders; No special precautions are necessary for first aid responders

Notes to physician; Treat symptomatically