Flo Sinus Care Refill – 50 Sachets

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Flo Sinus Care is a gentle, yet effective sinus wash and irrigation kit, designed to relieve nasal and sinus symptoms which may be a result of

  • Sinus congestion or sinusitis
  • Colds or flu
  • Hay fever, allergies or dust exposure

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Important notice: If you don’t already have your Flo Sinus Care Starter Kit or bottle please buy one first to use with refill packs. Flo bottle lasts approximately 3 months with regular use."

Flo Sinus Care is a non-medicated, preservative-free, isotonic solution for washing nasal passages and cavities. It's gentle to use and helps thin and wash away airborne irritants and allergens from the nose and sinus.

When a sachet of Flo Sinus Care is reconstituted, it produces a solution which closely resembles the fluid within our own cells, so it is very gently to use. The design of the Flo Sinus Care bottle delivers a high volume - low pressure irrigation, providing an effective wash of the nose and sinus cavities.

2 reviews for Flo Sinus Care Refill – 50 Sachets

  1. YK

    Good product and delivery.

  2. K. L

    I have been using Flo sinus care for a few years. It is an effective, gentle product to use for sinus congestion and for relieving the symptoms of hay fever.

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Product Information

For your convenience, Flo Sinus Care refills are available in packs of 50 and 100.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Glucose Anhydrous and Calcium Lactate Pentahydrate.

 For best results, it is recommended to use Flo Sinus Care two or three times per day, or as directed by your Healthcare Practitioner. 

Designed for use by adults.

Features and Benefits

GENTLE & EASY TO USE RINSE AID: A nasal rinse preservative free, non-medicated isotonic irrigation sinus rinse kit for washing the nose and sinus cavities. Formulated to closely mimic the body’s own extracellular fluid, so it is gentle on nasal and sinus tissues that may already be inflamed due to colds and sinusitis, hay fever and allergies.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE SINUS WASH: The ingredients are non-medicated, which means it can be used sinusitis treatment, nasal cleaner alongside other medication and suitable for use in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Innovative solution that is does the job well without using strong chemicals.

NON-DRYING: FLO sinus rinse care kit is formulated to be physiological so it will hydrate nasal membranes and reducing swelling in the nasal passages.

Advanced Solution – The sachet mix creates a solution similar to the bodily fluids made by your own cells. This gives you a gentle yet deeply soothing relief that leaves you feeling clear.

ALLEVIATES SYMPTOMS INCLUDING CONGESTION AND ALLERGIES: By thinning and washing away excess mucus and the inflammatory materials it may contain. It can also help by washing away pollens, dust, animal fur/ dander and other airborne irritants in the nose and sinus cavities. 

A complete, non-medicated, preservative-free, nasal rinse made for everyone who wants to wash away congestion, airborne irritants and allergens in their nose and sinuses.

REAL RELIEF TARGETING THE RIGHT PARTS OF YOUR NASAL PASSAGES: A sinus wash is more effective than a nasal spray as using nasal sprays will not reach the sinus cavities. If you need to thoroughly wash the sinus cavities, a large irrigation volume is required to reach the sinus cavities causing your congestion or sinus pain, which only the a sinus wash like the Flo Starter Kit can reach.

Usage Instructions

  1.  Add 200ml of lukewarm, pre-boiled water to FLO bottle.
  2. Add contents of one FLO sachet to FLO bottle.
  3. Close FLO bottle with cap and shake until powder has completely dissolved.
  4. Lean over basin and insert cap nozzle into nostril. While breathing through your mouth gently squeeze FLO bottle until solution starts to drain from the other nostril and continue until half the solution has been used. Repeat in other nostril with remaining solution.

(Use FLO Sinus Care 20 minutes prior to medicated nasal sprays to help clear mucus and improve their effectiveness)