Flo Baby Saline Spray

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Sterile, multi-use, gentle mist nasal spray, suitable from birth, safer and more effective treatment for colds, allergies, congestion and hay fever.

Babies naturally always try to breathe through their nose. This is difficult for them when the nose is blocked with mucus. Consequently, snuffly babies often experience difficulty feeding and sleeping. This is not good for the baby… or the parents! Flo Baby is different to most baby and child saline sprays. It has a unique design, allowing the spray to be used at any angle, repetitively, without the need for priming each dose. So it's quick and easy to use, essential for a wriggling new-born or fidgety toddler. It delivers a gentle mist of non-medicated, preservative-free sterile nasal saline that will thin the mucus enabling it to heal naturally.

4 reviews for Flo Baby Saline Spray

  1. Alison

    Great product. I use this product on my little boy when he has a cold and it really helps clear his blocked his. Especially great before bedtime.

  2. Jessica

    Amazing product! My newborn was struggling to feed because of a blocked nose, Flo baby completely cleared it! I have tried similar products but this seems to spray and clear the blockage much better.

  3. Melissa G.

    Love this product – used it when my child had a cold and it really helped clear his nose.

  4. Lauren

    I used this on my 3 month old who was struggling with a blocked nose. Very easy to use and does exactly what it says. It worked straight away and unblocked her nose. Would definitely recommend this product.

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Product Information

Sodium bicarbonate (anhydrous), sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride hexahydrate ans purified water. pH 7-8.5

Features and Benefits

“STERILE A” RATING. The only baby product to achieve this rating, giving you peace of mind to use a safe product on your newborn baby. Gentle yet effective on the smallest of noses.

NON-MEDICATED AND PRESERVATIVE FREE. A natural way to clear a blocked or runny nose! Safe to use on babies under 12 months, containing no preservatives or additives, therefore suitable for daily use.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN. World leading pump technologies make it possible for FLO Baby Saline to be quickly and easily applied at any angle, repetitively, without the need for priming each dose, which is essential for a wriggling newborn or baby-on-the-move!

RELIEVES A BABY’S NASAL SYMPTOMS SUCH AS COLDS AND ALLERGIES. The solution thins and reduces excess mucus in the nose and washes away inflammatory chemicals (caused by cold viruses) and removes the mucus plugs in the nose, helping feeding and sleeping to become easier again.

NON DRYING SALINE FORMULA moisturises nasal tissues and helps to prevent scabbing in the nose that can cause pain, discomfort and even infection.

Usage Instructions

Dose into each nostril as often as needed, 1 spray per nostril for newborns to 1 year old.